Raditz was a highly respected Saiyan warrior, an ally as well as friend of Son Goku, known for his charm. Alongside all his fellow warriors, Raditz took part in a poorly considered strike against all the Tuffles, which soon resulted in King Bardock deciding to directly punish Goku by banishing him to the Earth without his Power Pole. When Vegeta then took the throne of Planet Vegeta during Goku's banishment, Raditz and his allies played a key role saving Goku from Hatchiyack before bringing him back to Planet Vegeta where he successfully stopped Vegeta from stealing the throne of Planet Vegeta and restoring the peace.

Once they had quelled the Marauders rebellion, Raditz and his allies believed they had brought peace to the galaxy before they were forced to join the War against Majin Buu. As Goku and Bardock's views had clashed, Raditz assisted his friend in finding his own way to defeat all the Majins, allowing them to escape from Planet Vegeta and destroy Majin Buu in a final battle on Earth. However, Raditz's long and highly dedicated service to Planet Vegeta had come to its end upon Broly's arrival, where he then slaughtered both Nappa and Raditz before then attempting to rule over all of Planet Vegeta and the galaxy.

Abilities Edit

Saturday Crash: A large, powerful pink energy sphere fired from one hand.

Double Sunday: A pink energy wave fired from both hands.

Weekend: Raditz charges two pink energy spheres in both hands and fires them as a streaming energy wave.

Great Ape