Kakashi Hatake is the 6th Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village. During his career, he was put in charge of the military project called the Jiinchuriki Project, aiming to recreate the Shepard Serum. However, the experiment led to an accident which transformed the Genin Naruto Uzumaki into Nine-Tailed Fox. After a long hunt, Naruto was captured, only for Kakashi's subordinate officer Zabuza Momochi to transform into a monsterous daemon which forced Kakashi to accept Naruto as an ally and allow him to escape after the battle. Kakashi would never hunt down Naruto for the years to come.

Five years after that incident, Kakashi left the field and started serving as the Hokage. During this time, Kakashi approved the Hellawes Accords, which aimed to control the actions of the Jump Force. When Shepard Sorey publicly disowned the accords and went on the run with the Winter Seraph, Kakashi ordered Edward Elric to bring Sorey into custody. Kakashi arrested many of the Jump Force and locked them up in the Raft, but when Sorey learned that General Esdeath was to blame for the devastation, he freed the prisoners, much to Kakashi's fury who tried contacting Edward only to be put on hold by the latter, angering him even more.

Kakashi later struck a deal with Jotaro Kujo and Sebastian Michealis, placing the heroes under house arrest. Learning of Greed's absence from the Jump Force Facility, Kakashi contacted Roy Mustang, discovering that Sorey and the fugitive Jump Force faction have returned, promptly ordering Mustang to arrest Sorey, who ended the call, earning Mustang a court martial and Kakashi's fury.

Abilities Edit

Chakra & Physical Prowess: By his own admission, Kakashi's chakra reserves are of average size. In Naruto, he has only enough chakra to use the Lightning Blade four times per day, which is increased to at least six times in Tales of Zestiria the X: Civil War. Similarly, at the start of Civil WarI, he can only use Kamui three times before he requires extended bed rest.

Kakashi's proficiency in taijutsu allows him to take various approaches in close combat. His time in the Anbu Black Ops taught him to suddenly approach enemies from behind, unnoticed by even other Anbu. Also, his ongoing competitions with Might Guy make him just as comfortable attacking from the front, striking with debilitating precision to quickly defeat multiple enemies. Kakashi is able to open at least one of the Eight Gates. Other skills include: physical strength great enough to wield the Kubikiribōchō with one hand; reflexes sharp enough to block attacks he is unable to see; speed fast enough to perform hand seals at unreadable rates, such that binding his arms is considered one of the more effective ways to defeat him.

Ninjutsu: Kakashi primarily relies on his great skill and knowledge of ninjutsu, which he has displayed even as a child before entering the Academy. Over the years, due in large part to his Sharingan, he gained a vast arsenal; reputed to have copied over a thousand jutsu and which led to his moniker as "Copy Ninja Kakashi" (コピー忍者のカカシ, Kopī Ninja no Kakashi). With this arsenal, combined with years of experience, Kakashi can handle almost any situation in various ways. He is also well-versed in fūinjutsu.

Kakashi has his own personal pack of ninken, which he raised since they were puppies. In the field, he can summon one or more of his ninken to fetch things for him, restrain targets, or deliver messages. More commonly, he uses them for tracking, picking up trails that Kakashi, despite his own considerable tracking skills, can't detect, or seeking out targets he doesn't know where to look for.

Nature Affinity: Kakashi can use all five basic nature transformations, as well as the Yin Release and Yang Release. He can use Water Release without a nearby water source, being able to produce massive torrents, water dragons or defensive walls. With Earth Release, he can move underground for sneak attacks or produce walls to defend himself or block enemies. He is shown using Fire Release to launch a massive fireball.

Kakashi's natural affinity is for Lightning Release, which he will at times channel into weaponry to increase its cutting power. When he was younger, he tried to infuse the Rasengan with his lightning nature, but the task proved too difficult. In its place he created the Chidori, a collection of lightning chakra in the hand that can pierce most targets that it is thrust into; he once famously split a bolt of lightning with his Chidori, earning the name "Lightning Cutter". The Chidori and Lightning Cutter are very fast attacks, such that Kakashi can only use them safely with his Sharingan. Other techniques of this nature include lightning hounds that he can manipulate to attack his enemy, lightning clones that paralyses an opponent on contact, and lightning cords that are even capable of cutting through Tailed Beast Chakra Arms. After losing his Sharingan, he creates the Lightning Release: Purple Electricity, which allows him to release a surge of purple lightning to produce a variety of effects: attack from afar, augment his physical strikes, and release a burst from all around him.

Sharingan: Kakashi received his Sharingan from Obito Uchiha, a replacement for the left eye he'd lost shortly beforehand. The Sharingan has become his most identifying feature in the years since then, such that he is widely known as "Kakashi of the Sharingan" (写輪眼のカカシ, Sharingan no Kakashi). With the Sharingan, Kakashi can accurately reproduce any movement he sees (his own physical skill permitting), take in a heightened amount of visual information, and perform the Sharingan's broad category of genjutsu. Because he isn't an Uchiha, he can't deactivate the Sharingan and it rapidly drains his chakra whenever he uses it, leaving him bedridden after extended use; he keeps the eye covered when he doesn't need it in order to prevent this. Despite his handicap, he is still able to wield it to a impressive extent. Kakashi loses his Sharingan before the Father Offensive.

Mangekyo Sharingan: Its design gives the appearance of three triangles wrapping around the pupil, similar to a pinwheel. He was able to maintain it for over a decade, though steadily suffering its side-effects with each usage, such as bleeding eyes and deteriorating vision. Just prior to losing his Sharingan, it became nearsighted, forcing him to get close to use the Mangekyō's ability on enemies.

With his left Mangekyō, Kakashi can use the long-range variant of Kamui: by remotely forming a barrier around whatever he looks at, he can warp the target to Kamui's dimension; he eventually learns how to use it on himself to travel to and from this dimension. Kakashi initially having trouble to aim Kamui properly, he struggled to hit his targets. His aim improves to a point that he can use Kamui on fast-moving projectiles. When he first starts using Kamui, it requires some amount of preparation and has a huge drain on his chakra each time it is performed.

Intelligence: Part of Kakashi's usual approach to combat is to rely on the Body Replacement Technique and clone techniques, thereby keeping himself out of harm's way while he observes an opponent and their abilities. Even when he doesn't use this system of misdirection and decoys, he remains alert to any unexplained or unexpected occurrences, coming up with theories for their causes when they arise and exploiting them if they prove true, which they usually do. Once he identifies an opponent's weakness, Kakashi can quickly formulate a plan to take advantage of it, efficiently utilizing each of his allies' unique skills to that purpose. Such plans, while often elaborate and unorthodox, are typically highly successful and very low-risk, making Kakashi invaluable as a leader.