Jotaro Kujo is a former criminal who was convinced by Joseph Joestar to take up his mantle. As a Stand User, Jotaro fought against Dio Brando, Joseph's protégé who became obsessed with Stands and intended to recreate and sell the technology to create them to terrorist organizations such as the CCG and the Ten Rings. After his daughter, Jolyne Cujoh, was taken hostage by DIO, Jotaro was able to send both of them into the World of Stopped Time, where he saw Joseph's wife Suzie Q, before successfully returning. DIO was presumably killed. Jotaro then began a romantic relationship with Joseph's daughter, Holly Joestar.

During the Jump Force Civil War, Jotaro fought alongside Shepard Sorey after being recruited by Zaveid, whom he had previously met before defeating DIO. He was given a chance to back out, as what they would be doing would be outside the law, but scoffed as being a wanted man was nothing new to him. Jotaro was subsequently imprisoned on the Raft following the Clash of the Jump Force before being freed by Sorey. He, along with Sebastian Michealis, returned to a normal life by making a deal with Kakashi Hatake of the Hidden Leaf Village, which resulted in him being placed under house arrest.

Two years after the Clash of the Jump Force, Jotaro remained under house arrest, spending much of his time playing with his daughter and learning magic tricks. One day near the end of his sentence, Jotaro received a dream from Suzie Q in which he saw a younger Holly. Jotaro notified Joseph and Holly, who were on the run because of the Hellawes Accords. Holly, now having taken up combat, broke Jotaro out of his home whilst successfully evading police detection, and took him to her father's portable lab. At Joseph's lab, the three learned that Jotaro was quantumly entangled with Suzie Q, and that they had a limited amount of time to retrieve her from the World of Stopped Time. Reimi, and Josuke Higashikata, son of a former colleague of Joseph's, sought to steal the lab, and use Suzie Q's energy to heal Reimi of her intangibility and pain. Kira Yoshikage, a criminal businessman also sought out the lab for its advanced technology. Together Jotaro and Holly were able to fight them off while Joseph went into the World of Stopped Time himself, successfully saving his wife. Upon her return, Holly was able to heal Reimi. Jotaro finished his sentence, and was no longer under house arrest.

Not long after, Jotaro arrived in Kakyoin's van on a roof with a portable World of Stopped Time portal for the Joestar family to acquire a substance to help heal Reimi. While in the World of Stopped Time, Omega Shenron succeeded in gaining all seven Dragon Balls from the Jump Force and the Soul Guardians, thus wiping out half of all life in the universe. During a countdown before his return, the Joestars were all turned to dust, leaving Jotaro stranded in the World of Stopped Time.

Abilities Edit

Stand: Star Platinum: One of the strongest Stands in the world, Star Platinum possesses superhuman senses, strength, stamina, accuracy and speed. Like other physically-powerful (or Close-Range) Stands, Star Platinum suffers from a narrow range of activity; active only within a 2-3 meter radius from Jotaro.

It is similar to DIO's The World, and, as it turns out, can likewise be used to stop time, an ability revealed at the very end of his fight with DIO.

The Tarot card The Star, after which it is named, symbolizes hope, above all.

Intelligence: Jotaro is an adept tactician, using a mix of straightforward brute force and unexpected tricks to prevail.

Toughness: Jotaro is naturally confident and intolerant to suggestions that he should defer in any way; backed up by his own strength as well as that of his Stand.