Greed was a Homonculous who possessed a synthetic body created by Father and Makise Kurisu, along with the powerful gem known as a Dragon Ball. Originally conceived as the perfect form for Father, the body was stolen by the Jump Force, after which it was repurposed by Edward Elric and Naruto Uzumaki. Upon his birth, Greed declared he was a mixture of Father and Kurama (whose chakra powered his lifeforce), one that would fight to protect humanity at all costs. Greed then joined the Jump Force in the Battle of Hellawes, using his powers to prevent Father from transferring his consciousness into the Earthflow and allowing the Jump Force to successfully put an end to him.

Following the aftermath of the Father Offensive, Greed became an official member of the Jump Force under the leadership of Shepard Sorey. The new Jump Force team did not last long as Greed sided with Edward Elric in supporting the Hellawes Accords, which put him into conflict with Sorey and his faction. As a result, Greed became involved in the Jump Force Civil War, where his own newfound feelings for Rias Gremory caused him to accidentally injure Roy Mustang during the battle.

Greed and Mustang, along with Edward became the remaining members of the Jump Force, staying at the New Jump Force Facility while also double living with Rias in Hellawes. While living a quiet life, Greed was ambushed by the Shadow Dragons, in pursuit of his Dragon Ball. As a result, Greed's endangered life was brought to Shura, where Greed was protected from the oncoming assault of Hollows. In an attempt to stop Omega Shenron from gaining Greed's Dragon Ball, Rias reluctantly destroyed the Ball, and Greed along with it. However, Omega Shenron, using the other six Dragon Balls, undid the seventh's destruction and then ripped it out from Greed's chest, effectively killing him.

Abilities Edit

Immortality: He does not age beyond his youthful prime.

Rapid regeneration: Many injuries the he suffers immediately heal.

Containment Immunity: He is immune to all poisons, toxins, venoms, viruses, bacteria, allergen, diseases, etc. 

Self-Sustenance: He does not need to eat, drink or breathe. 

Enhanced Physiology: He possesses strength, speed, reflexes, stamina, durability, senses, agility, coordination, willpower, intelligence, and instincts superior to any human. He possesses limitless physical energy, stamina, vitality and virility; he can keep working, fighting, and moving almost indefinitely. Even without training, his muscles are brawny and his perfect body shape doesn't change.  

Ultimate Shield: Greed can convert his skin into Graphene. He usually uses this ability to partially strengthen the density of selected parts of his body during battle, but can extend the effect to its entirety. In this form, he resembles a demon with a malevolent facial visage. His finger nails become razor sharp while under this form, capable of slicing through rock and metal alike with little effort. Because Greed has control over the configuration of his body's carbon atoms, the substances that he can convert his skin into can vary based on his intentions. He can choose to convert his body into the indestructible substance, or he can turn his skin into weak graphite.

Charisma: Greed possess a magnetic quality that allows him to easily make loyal allies/friends with anyone.