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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 3 is a 2013 anime film. It is a sequel to Fullmetal Alchemist: BrotherhoodFullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 2, and Jump Force, and is the seventh installment in the Anime Cinematic Universe and the first installment of Phase Two. 


Edward Elric finds himself facing his most powerful enemy yet when he embarks on a harrowing quest to find those responsible for destroying his private world. Along the way, he discovers the answer to the question that has secretly haunted him: "Does the man make the alchemy or does the alchemy make the man?"


Edward Elric begins telling the events of the movie to Naruto Uzumaki; He recalls a New Year's Eve party in 1999; Edward meets an eccentric mind, Solf J. Kimblee, who promotes his company, Advanced Idea Alchemy. However, Edward, deciding to research another operation, Elixir with Paninya misleads Kimblee into believing he was interested in his ideas. Edward witnesses the powers of Elixir first-hand, as it can genetically manipulate living organisms. As the New Years fireworks go off, Kimblee looks over, and starts a rivalry for Edward.

Following the Battle of Amestria, Edward Elric has been suffering panic attacks and insomnia after his near death while destroying the Hollows. As a result, he has isolated himself from the outside world, obsessively experimenting with new types of alchemy to try and take his mind of what happened to him. This causes friction with his girlfriend, Winry Rockbell, before he finally admits that something about him has changed since he fought in Amestria. The situation becomes even worse when Winry is visited by Kimblee, who happens to be her old love interest. Winry rejects Kimblee's invitation into Advanced Idea Alchemy.

It is at this time that Amestria has come under attack from Issac McDougal, a terrorist leader responsible for a string of bombings that have left intelligence agencies bewildered at the lack of evidence left behind. Major Armstrong becomes suspicious of Kimblee's bodyguard, and investigates him at the Xing Theatre. When he witnesses a man unexpectedly combust, it destroys the Xing Theatre, and puts Armstrong into the hospital: the bodyguard escapes, mysteriously regenerating from his injuries.

Shortly after Edward issues a threat to the McDougal, Edward is unexpectedly visited by Pininya, and the same time, Edward's home is attacked and destroyed by McDougal's helicopters. Edward survives the attack, but is left stranded in a rural town, and Edward's experimental auto-mail does not have sufficient power to keep functioning. The world believes Edward to be dead as McDougal starts issuing more threats of violence.

Edward uses his apparent death to his advantage, conducting an investigation into an explosion that bears the same hallmarks as one of McDougal's attacks, but which McDougal did not claim responsibility for. With the help of a young boy living in the town, Edward discovers that each of McDougal's explosions were triggered by soldiers that went through the Elixir program - the same experimental treatment engineered by Paninya.

Elixir, however, has a fatal flaw; in the event a user is unable to regulate their internal body temperature, they will start to gain heat at an exponential rate and explode. Edward witnesses the power of Elixir first-hand when he is attacked by Kimblee's bodyguards, a pair of agents working for McDougal. Edward sets fire to a building that explodes one, and crashes a water tower atop the other's body; one survives, while Edward abandons the kid and flees the town.

Further investigating into McDougal, he realizes that all the soldiers were once members of Advanced Idea Alchemy - Kimblee's company. Edward deduces that Kimblee had updated Elixir, and distributed the program to McDougal for his terror attacks. Paninya confirms working with Kimblee to Winry, in an attempt to have Edward fix Elixir's flaws. However, unbeknownst to them, Kimblee arrives and kidnaps Winry, after learning that Paninya visited Edward prior to the attack on his mansion.

With the kid's help, Edward traces McDougal to Amestria, where he infiltrates McDougal's headquarters with a set of roughly made auto-mail. There, he discovers that McDougal is actually an ice alchemist, who is completely oblivious to the acts his name has carried out. McDougal's alter ego is Kimblee's creation, who used Paninya's research to cure for his own disability and expanded the program to include injured war veterans.

After veterans started growing unstable and exploding, Kimblee used their deaths to cover up the flaws in Elixir and manufacture a terrorist plot. Realizing Kimblee's motivations, Edward blames himself for setting Kimblee on the path that would ultimately see him create McDougal's alter ego. Kimblee reveals he has kidnapped Winry and subjected her to the Elixir treatment, using her as leverage against Edward. When Paninya reneges against Kimblee, and threatens to sabotage the Elixir program, Kimblee explodes her using Explosion Alchemy.

As he controls McDougal, Kimblee has also manipulated the Amestrian intelligence agencies as to McDougal's location. He uses this falsified intelligence to lure Roy Mustang with the Flame Alchemist Gloves. Edward escapes captivity, just as Kimblee sends his bodyguard to commandeer an attack on the Amestrian President aboard his plane. Edward intervenes, kills the bodyguard, and saves the passengers, but is too late to stop Kimblee from abducting the President.

They follow him to a container terminal, where he intends to kill the President on live television. The Vice President will assume control of the country, following Kimblee's orders in exchange for a sample of Elixir to cure his daughter's disability. With McDougal and the President under his control, Kimblee will be able to manipulate global events for his own profit. Edward and Mustang infiltrate the container terminal, with Edward going to save Winry and Mustang the President. Edward summons each of the alchemy techniques he has created. Mustang secures the President and leads him to safety, whilst Edward discovers that Winry has survived the Elixir procedure. However, before he can save her, the rig collapses around them and Winry falls two hundred feet to her apparent death.

Edward has no time to process this as he is forced into a fierce fight with Kimblee whilst employing every one of his alchemy techniques. Edward successfully traps him in one of the alchemized metal rigs and has it explode. He starts searching for Winry, who survived her fall courtesy of the abilities she received from Elixir. A deformed Kimblee emerges from the wreckage and reveals to Edward that he is the real terrorist, before attempting to kill Edward, but is instead killed by Winry.

In the aftermath of the events on the container terminal, Edward makes a promise to Winry that he'll find a cure for her Elixir condition and to stop experimenting with alchemy. Both the Vice President and McDougal are taken into police custody as Edward decides to undergo a procedure to permanently bond the Philosopher Stone within his heart. Edward has decided that even without new alchemy, he will always be the Fullmetal Alchemist.

Edward finishes telling this story to Naruto, who has fallen asleep after the introduction of McDougal.