Father was a Homonculous created by Edward Elric from the decrypted code derived from the Dragon Ball used by Vegeta, retooled by himself with the help of Naruto Uzumaki with the intent being to protect Earth from any and all domestic and extraterrestrial threats coming within the future. Possessing multiple of host bodies under his control as well as a variant of Edward's own personality, Father however had soon deemed humanity itself as the greatest threat to peace on the Earth and attempted to create his alchemical singularity by committing genocide against them, leaving only his own doubles in his wake.

With initial assistance from demon lovers Issei Hyoudo and Rias Gremory, Father fragmented all the Jump Force briefly, but was abandoned by his allies when they discovered the truth of his genocidal intentions. Alone, Father had tried to use a device composed of both Quinke Metal and Hollow energy to lift Mt. Killaraus, a Hellawes volcano, and use it as a meteor to wipe out all of humanity. Father nearly would have succeeded, but both he and his plans were foiled by the Jump Force. Even after Father's eventual defeat and final destruction, the aftermath of the Father Offensive left the world on edge, putting the public perspective on the Jump Force into a new light as well as led to the creation of the Hellawes Accords as a direct result.

Abilities Edit

Father's third and final form looks much like a younger version of Hoenheim Elric. Also, despite looking so young, he keeps the voice of his second form. Due to the sacrifices, Father managed to absorb the entity beyond the gate and now has the "power of God"within him with the Amestrian souls he absorbed keeping it in check. He can now almost completely defy natural order (or, in Father's words, "do anything"). He can manipulate energy and matter to their full extent, turn anything into anything at any scale and create any force at any magnitude.