Dezel was a non-commissioned officer and a member of the elite special unit of the Hyland soldiers formed in the Hyland/Rolance War known as the Shepard's Posse. Having been rescued from a CCG prison camp with other soldiers, he was recruited into the newly formed Shepard's Posse and had fought alongside Shepard Sorey and Mikleo. During their missions, Dezel and the Posse became key in ending the war, helping to defeat Heldalf as well as the Rolance Emperor and allowing the Hyland forces to finally claim their final victory.

As Sorey was seemingly killed during a mission during the Hyland/Rolance War, Dezel took command of the Shepard's Posse, leading them into many new covert missions to keep the world at peace in the wake of the war while recruiting new members. He remained close to many of his fellow soldiers who he had fought with during the war, including Hoenheim Elric and Princess Alishia Diphda, who had since formed M.O.N., and was willing to work with them on whatever mission they needed him for in order to keep the entire world safe.