Chad was a super powered human and the accomplice of Renji Abarai. Together, the pair had traveled dimensions picking up bounties until they met Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki just before the four of them were captured and put into Hell, where they also met Uryu Ishida. There, they agreed to work together to escape and sell the Orb for a massive profit. However, when it was discovered that the Orb contained one of the Dragon Balls which was being sought out by the Klaxisaur Princess, Chad convinced his friends to risk everything to stop the Klaxisaur Princess' diabolical plans. During the Final Battle, Chad seemingly sacrificed his own life to save his new friends. However he managed to hang on to life, and joined the Soul Guardians.

As the Chad slowly grew in power, he stayed with the Guardians and endeavored with them on many adventures. They were soon hired by the Kais to destroy a monster, but they were then targeted by their former employers due to Renji who double-crossed them. During the escape, they had met Ichigo's father Papa while Chad and Renji, along with Kenpachi, were captured by a rogue faction of Soul Reapers, but Chad was able to help them all escape. Chad then joined his allies and assisted them in destroying Papa and saving all his friends, but Kenpachi lost his life. Remaining with the Guardians, Chad continued to grow and started exhibiting devilish powers.

Both Chad and Renji then left the Guardians temporarily to accompany Son Goku to Xeno's Throne in order to help his mission to stop Omega Shenron from completing his wish. After they had helped Goku obtain Mastered Ultra Instinct, Chad and Renji traveled to Earth to help the Jump Force battle Omega Shenron's forces in Shura. Although Chad and his allies managed to kill off all of Omega Shenron's forces, when Omega Shenron himself arrived, he effortlessly defeated Chad and every other hero who tried to stop him and when he had finally unleashed the full power of all seven of the Dragon Balls, which resulted in Chad and all of the other Guardians except for Renji and Byakuya dying.

Abilities Edit

Superhuman Strength: Chad possesses remarkable raw strength for a Human.

Enhanced Durability: Chad is unnaturally resistant to damage.

Enhanced Speed: Chad's speed is above that of an average Human. Through his various battles, his speed increased to the point where he can anticipate high-speed attacks and counter them.

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: While never officially trained, Chad is a very capable fighter, even when outnumbered.

Brazo Derecha de Gigante: Chad covers his entire right arm in a liquid which then solidifies into a form of armor. The shoulder extension becomes pointed and slightly longer, making it a little bit taller than Chad. The arm maintains its black color, but the magenta becomes slightly lighter, and the design becomes more intricate, while the white is lost altogether.

  • El Directo (巨人の一撃 (エル・ディレクト), eru direkuto; Spanish for "The Direct", Japanese for "One Strike of the Giant"): A powerful attack learned upon attaining the second form. The end of the extension on Chad's shoulder opens up and charges up spiritual energy, resembling the flaming exhaust from a car engine. He releases a huge blast of spiritual energy, which he can either use to augment his punches or fire as a concentrated medium to long-range attack.
  • Defensive Shield Form: He covers his right arm all the way up to the shoulder in a liquid which solidifies into a form of armor. Brazo Derecha de Gigante becomes a shield, which extends from his hand to some distance beyond his forearm, with the same intricate pattern as before. Hollow-like teeth lie in the center, with a rose-like pattern or skeletal nose and eyes near the end. He loses the wing-like protrusion which extended from his shoulder and replaces it with a hexagonal plate, which covers his wrist up to his shoulder. In this form, it is used for defense instead of offense, though it's still more powerful offensively than his original arm.
  • Brazo Izquierda del Diablo (悪魔の左腕 (ブラソ・イスキエルダ・デル・ディアブロ), buraso isukieruda deru diaburo; Spanish and Japanese for "Left Arm of the Devil") The arm is white, with a red stripe running down the length of the center. His fingertips have red diamond shaped marks on them. A spike protrudes from the shoulder. and two more, resembling claws, extend over his chest. This is the offensive power within him.